Workslam is an innovative platform for team management and employee recognition, a project management system and a CRM.


It includes an employee motivation system, an employee assessment system, a corporate messenger that can be used as a system of maintaining and supporting clients, creating group chats.


Track the current situation for each business process, analyze the tasks and success of employees.

Employee motivation

Encourage employee success and motivate them to work even better. Ample opportunities for involving all team members in the work.

Employee Assessment

The system allows team members to evaluate the work of colleagues in all key parameters, and managers to analyze statistics.

Corporate messenger and customer support system

Corporate messenger can be used as a system of maintaining and supporting customers by creating group chats.

Project management

It contains a convenient planning format in Gantt Charts and a modern kanban-type task management.


Create new projects, control the timing and stages of their implementation.

Gantt Chart

For more accurate planning of the team, use the Gantt chart. It simplifies planning, even with a huge number of tasks.


Set tasks easily and quickly for yourself and your subordinates. In the task, create a checklist from the to-do list, determine the importance and track performance.

CRM system

It has customizable sales funnels, transactions have a convenient kanban-card format, contacts have a quick search in all fields.


Contacts, all correspondence and records of conversations with customers are stored in CRM. No potential customer will be lost.


Set up funnels to your business specifics. There are no restrictions on their quantity.


Simple operation. You see how many requests are being processed, at what stage they are, who is currently working on them.

Monitoring and reporting system

Shows statistics on employee attendance, reports on working hours and tasks, as well as a geo-tracker that allows you to track the location of remote employees.

Employee statistics and reports

Monitor employee performance with statistics. Analyze and optimize team work.

Geo tracker

Determine the location of your employee during working hours. Based on the data received, it is easy to optimize the team workflow.

Attendance reports

Fix the beginning and end of the working day, consider the hours worked.

Employee time reports

Create time sheets for various operating modes and adjust the plans of your employees, checking with what was planned.

Corporate Portal

It contains a convenient system of corporate knowledge, company news and events.

Corporate knowledge

The structured knowledge base of the company is constantly updated and easily managed by all employees of the company.


Share interesting information with your employees or the entire community. The news feed will help to engage employees in the life of the company.


The planner will help you instantly find the meeting time that is suitable for all participants.


Workslam is available on any device - free iOS apps in the AppStore and Android on Google Play.

IOS mobile app

Interact with the team, promote, manage, train, control, plan and improve the workflow on all Apple devices.

Android mobile app

Interact with the team, promote, manage, train, control, plan and improve the workflow on all Android devices.

Beta functionality

We are constantly developing, soon the functionality of the marketplace and integration will become available, as well as much more.


In the near future, the functionality of the marketplace will become available, where employees can enjoy discounts and interesting offers from partners, as well as purchase goods.

Telegram Bot

We launch the telegram of the bot, which will tell you about your tasks, remind you of the deadlines, notify you of important events.

Integrations and APIs

Soon we will open the functionality of integration into thousands of services