What is Workslam

  • What is the application intended for?

    Workslam will allow you to optimize workflow and motivate employees to work better.

  • How to start working with the application?

    To start working with the application, you need to go through a simple registration process, create a company profile and invite your employees to the application.

  • How to register in the application?

    To register in the application, enter your first name, last name, email and password, or log in to the application through Facebook.

  • How to create a company profile?

    After registration, you will be asked to create a company profile, or join an existing one.

    When creating a new profile, enter the name of your company, select the country and branch of the company.

  • How to invite an employee?

    To invite an employee to the application, click the "Invite" button and send an invitation by email or select an employee's entry from the contacts of your device.

  • What are the tariffs in Workslam?

    In the application provides three tariff plans for companies:

    1. Basic: company account, employee accounts, employee management, WIKI directory, news and events, shop, the ability to register up to 20 users, 10,000 slam.
    2. Premium: all Basic functions, work time timer, geo-tracker, work time report, project management tools, the ability to register up to 40 users, 1,000 slam monthly, 20 dunk monthly
    3. Enterprise: all Premium features, unlimited number of employees, 10,000 slam monthly, 500 dunk monthly, data export.

    You can get acquainted with the tariff plans on the Prices page.

How works Workslam

  • How can I motivate employees?

    To encourage or punish employees, the internal currency is Slama.

    Employees received slam can spend in an in-store to purchase unique products and services.

  • What domestic currency is used in the application?

    The application uses 2 internal currencies:

    1. Slams (SLM) - a cryptocurrency used for all internal calculations. With the help of slam, a manager can encourage or punish employees. Employees can buy goods or services.
    2. Danki (DNK) - domestic currency that can be exchanged for slam. Dunks are purchased using payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)
  • How to get slams and dunks?

    Depending on the tariff plan for the company, a certain number of slams and dunks is given, which are distributed among employees to managers. In addition, dunks can be purchased using payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.).

  • How to spend slam?

    Employees can exchange the received slam for goods or services in the internal store.

  • How to change personal data?

    To edit personal data, go to Settings / Personal Settings. You can change the avatar, first name, last name, email. Enable or disable geolocation.

  • How to change the interface language?

    To change the interface language, go to Settings / Language. Now the application is available in Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • How does the internal store work?

    The head of the company adds products through the web interface of the application.

    After adding the product becomes visible to employees of the company. If, when adding a product, it was marked as general, then such product will be visible to all registered users.

  • What is the WIKI directory for?

    Each company has a specific knowledge base accumulated during the work. Often, it is not structured and is transmitted from employee to employee orally. For the convenience of access of all employees to your company's knowledge base, a WIKI directory is provided. You can create a directory with the sections you need and post articles there.

  • What news is shown in the news feed?

    The news feed shows all the news and events of your company, thematic news on the industry of your company from our content partners.

How Workslam optimizes business processes

  • How the application will help the manager in the work?

    The application contains all the necessary tools for tracking and analyzing the company's workflow:

    • Gantt Chart
    • Timer Timer
    • Personal pages of employees
    • Geo-tracker
  • What is the Gantt chart for?

    The Gantt chart is a planning, task management tool that was invented by the American engineer Henry Gantt. It looks like horizontal stripes located between two axes: a task list vertically and dates horizontally.

    The diagram shows not only the tasks themselves, but also their sequence. This allows

  • What is the working time timer for?

    The working time timer keeps track of the employee’s total working time statistics and the time spent on each individual task. This allows you to make a more realistic picture of the work of employees and in the future to build work optimally for each employee.

  • What is an employee’s personal page for?

    In the web interface, you can view information on each of the company's employees. This allows you to see the attendance, efficiency and success of employees.

  • What is a geo-tracker for?

    Geo-tracker allows you to track the location of employees while they perform work tasks.

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